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Secret Word


***** This is a LOCAL MULTIPLAYER game, available in ENGLISH and PORTUGUESE ****"Secret Word" is an word guessing game for groups of 3 to 8 people. A participant must make the other guess the word that only he is reading. The way he will do it can vary according to participants. A few
- Using one word hints. The other party must respond with a single word as well, and so repeatedly until he guesses it right, skip or the time is over. In this way the game is similar to the gameshow
"Password"- Miming it- Drawing it- Describing it
The points scored by the pair go to both participants. At the end, the participant with the higher score wins.
Features: • 1500 words, 3200 for Premium users • Customizable: Define the time, number of players, number of skips and number of words of each game. • Save Game: The game is automatically saved after every turn.
** Permissões: INTERNET/ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE (Ads, Bug report, Analytics) BILLING (to buy Premium) **